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The UN’s new Global Goals for Sustainable Development could lead to greater, more widely shared prosperity for all by 2030. But how to convince more businesses to engage with the sustainable development agenda? Our client, a global leadership forum, asked us to quantify how valuable it would be for businesses to adopt these goals.

The Challenge

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seek to end poverty, reduce inequality, and tackle climate change. Our client’s mission is to make a powerful case for why company leaders should embrace sustainable development as a tremendous growth opportunity. AlphaBeta, with its expertise in quantitative research and economic strategy, was commissioned to provide sound evidence that ‘business-as-usual’ is not an option, and to identify the potential business benefits of focusing on the SDGs.

The Solution

We consulted with a large international network of experts – academics, policymakers, investors and companies – to assess how the SDGs could create business value in four key areas: food; cities; energy and materials; and health and well-being. Insights from these interviews informed our quantitative research, which we based on a wide range of economic survey data and multiple economic calculation methods.

The Outcome

Our extensive analysis allowed us to estimate the size of the biggest, most attractive business opportunities that could emerge from the SDGs. Knowing the ‘size of the prize’ allowed us to understand what it will take to unlock those opportunities and to formulate a call to action for government, investors and businesses. Our work was released at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2017.

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