The New Work Order

In today’s fast-changing world of work, career paths appear more complicated than ever before. A not-for-profit organisation challenged us to find out how young Australians can prepare for the jobs that will likely be around in 2030.

The Challenge

Globalisation and technological progress are rapidly changing the way we work. What do these big shifts mean for young Australians at the start of their careers? Our client wanted more than fuzzy trend statements and asked for hard numbers showing which skills students should focus on today to be successful in the future.

The Solution

It is inherently difficult to analyse how often a particular skill is used in a particular job because there is no data available that directly measures the use of skills in an economy. We overcame this challenge with an innovative big-data approach, feeding our own economic models with various indirect datasets (including from more than 2.7 million job ads) to derive novel estimates on how Australians will spend their time at work in 2030.

The Outcome

Our research allowed us to produce a first-of-its-kind projection of the looming workplace changes that will require young Australians to use their skills in a smarter way. The specific forecasts laid the groundwork for our advisory role, in which we developed policy recommendations with our client to ensure educators, governments and businesses adequately prepare young people in Australia for the big shifts ahead.

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