Dr. Fraser Thompson presented on coordination and alignment within ASEAN

The Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC) 2025  aims to tackle cross-cutting connectivity issues towards achieving a seamlessly and comprehensively connected and integrated ASEAN that will promote competitiveness, inclusiveness and a greater sense of Community. Guided by the MPAC, the ASEAN Connectivity Coordinating Committee (ACCC) organised a Workshop to:

(i) share and discuss best practices in addressing coordination and alignment issues in the implementation of MPAC 2025;

(ii) address problems and challenges, and identify solutions and seek to implement recommendations on enhancing ASEAN’s engagement with its external partners on the implementation of MPAC 2025, and exchange ideas on the development of appropriate processes and modalities to facilitate practical cooperation between MPAC 2025 and other connectivity initiatives within and beyond the region; and

(iii) discuss how ASEAN could encourage and mobilise further support from the Dialogue Partners and Other External Partners for the implementation of MPAC 2025.

As part of this Workshop, Dr. Fraser Thompson discussed issues on coordination and alignment issues related to ASEAN Connectivity, drawing insights from AlphaBeta’s past engagements with ASEAN Member States.

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