Managing Singapore's Packaging Waste

As the National Environmental Agency’s (NEA) appointed consultant for Singapore’s Mandatory Packaging Waste Reporting framework, AlphaBeta was proud to have organised and facilitated the industry consultation session on 12 March 2019.

Graced by Senior Minister of State for the Environment, Dr. Amy Khor, and NEA CEO, Mr. Tan Meng Dui, this session was attended by over 120 participants across various industries ranging from the food, electronics to consumer goods sectors. This half-day session was organised after over 6 months of developing the framework with the NEA and refining it through a series of focus group discussions with companies.

A framework that would ultimately guide the implementation of Singapore’s first Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging in 2025, AlphaBeta was proud to have been instrumental to shaping a key policy towards greater reduction, reuse and recycling of packaging waste in Singapore.

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