Expect future jobs to require lifelong learning

The Australian, by Andrew Charlton, 6 February 2019

Last month, my wife and I had our third child. When she turns 21, it will be nearly 2040, and the technology that will be second nature to her is currently unimaginable.

Many people are worried that the current pace of technology and growing sophistication of robots means that there won’t be many jobs for the students in my daughter’s 2040 graduating class. But as I look down at her, an incredible bundle of human potential, I am confident that she and her classmates will have meaningful working lives.

That is the message of the ­Future Skills Report recently released by AlphaBeta and commissioned by Google, which identifies three big shifts in what we’ll learn, when we’ll learn and even how we’ll learn. As our jobs change, the skills we’ll need will change, too. Robots have long been taking over ­routine, repetitive and manual tasks, and many of the jobs that comprised these tasks are already disappearing.

This article was published on The Australian on 6 February 2019. Read it here.

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