Protein Market: Size of the Prize Analysis for Australia

An important macro-nutrient that is critical to almost every bodily function, protein has been characterised as the building block of life. Found in a wide spectrum of foods, the presence and role of protein in food markets across the world are becoming more significant.

AlphaBeta was commissioned by Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL) to conduct a study on the key opportunities for Australian food and agribusinesses in the global protein market. This first-of-its-kind in-depth analysis of 50 protein types sheds light on how an additional $55 billion could be captured by the Australian food and agribusiness industry if Australian food and agribusinesses shift their thinking from ‘commodity’ to ‘high-value’ protein by 2025.

Global demand for protein is increasing at a rapid rate, with a growing middle-class population fuelling most of this growth in 2018. This study emphasises the vital role Australia has in supplying these emerging markets where global per-capita consumption of protein is projected to rise by 27% in 2025.

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