Asia-on-Demand: The Growth of VOD Investment in Local Entertainment Industries

The use of the internet to consume entertainment is growing. “Video-on-demand” (VOD) services provide consumers with online access to curated films, TV series and others on demand and across a variety of devices. Although the VOD market in Asia is nascent compared to Europe or Latin America, it is poised for strong growth. VOD services are expected to have over 400 million paying subscribers across Asia by 2022.

The benefits of VOD services to consumers are clear. However, what has been explored less is the economic impact of VOD services for businesses in Asia, particularly in the entertainment industry. The objective of this research is to fill this gap by providing a fact base on the potential value of the VOD industry for Asia, and best practices around capturing that potential value. AlphaBeta estimates that, driven by strong demand for high-quality local content, VOD services will invest up to US$10.1 billion in Asia by 2022, growing 3.7x from the amount spent in 2017.

For the detailed methodology used in this research see here.

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