Clean Jobs Plan: How 76,000 new jobs for Australians can help rebuild our economy now and tackle climate change

Australia faces twin crises. The COVID-19 pandemic has destroyed more jobs over a two-month period than ever recorded in the Australian economy. Meanwhile, escalating climate risks are forecast to wipe billions from property prices, agricultural and labour productivity in the coming years.

The Clean Jobs Plan, developed by AlphaBeta for the Climate Council, is a unique opportunity for Australia to address both crises now. Our research identifies 12 policy opportunities with the potential to create a total of 76,000 jobs in the next three years, for people who need them most. These ‘clean’ jobs are a practical, cost-effective way to reinvigorate the economic sectors and regions hardest hit by the COVID-19 downturn. They will also help re-engineer our energy system, renew industries and restore our environment to address the escalating economic and environmental threat posed by climate change.

The 12 policy opportunities have been identified through granular economic modelling that prioritises high-impact, targeted and timely stimulus programs. One in three job openings require minimal training, allowing displaced workers from COVID-affected industries to be rapidly employed. Approximately 70% of jobs will be created in construction and administration – sectors where 80,000 workers have already lost their jobs.

On average, the plan is expected to attract $1.10 in private investment for every public dollar spent, delivering similar value for money to other stimulus packages in Australia and overseas. It may be tailored to each state and territory, according to their priorities. For example, utility-scale renewable energy can create 3,000-4,000 jobs in Victoria while helping the state meet its Renewable Energy Target of 50% by 2030.

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