A “commodity-first” approach to identifying landscapes for private sector engagement

The challenge to end tropical deforestation is at a critical juncture. For more than 10 years, considerable effort has gone into jurisdictional approaches to combat deforestation at the sub-national level in many countries. Leading supply chain companies now recognise that to address deforestation, they will also need to engage more deeply, broadly, and support jurisdictional leadership. Expectations are high that further supply chain action and the associated demand for sustainable commodities could accelerate jurisdictional approaches. However, little research has been done to understand the synergies of these two approaches.

This report presents a “commodity-first” lens to identifying key landscapes where supply chain companies can make critical interventions to tackle deforestation. The report understands that supply chain actors will likely only engage with geographies in their direct supply chain. It therefore focuses on commodity production and utilises recent data on drivers of deforestation to identify landscapes where deforestation is high, driven largely by the expansion of forest-risk commodities.

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