Connecting Australia: Future of farming

Internet-enabled technologies could boost Australian agricultural output by 20%, adding $15.6 billion the farming, forestry and fishery sectors’ gross value of production each year.

Our latest research for NBN Co shows how digital agriculture will be critical to the industry meeting its objective of being Australia’s next $100 billion industry. The following on-farm technologies were found to enable the highest productivity growth:

  • Decision support ($8 billion productivity growth potential): Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence that collect information to help farmers make data-driven decisions to manage their farms through precision farming.
  • Monitoring ($4.3 billion productivity growth potential): Technologies that provide farmers with real-time information about the state and performance of their farms, such as soil moisture sensors for water efficiencies.
  • Automation ($3.3 billion productivity growth potential): Farm automation that saves time by replacing human labour with machine labour, which includes autonomous irrigation or autonomous tractors.

The adoption of emerging technologies is also set to deliver additional benefits for farmers, such as helping save almost three hours per week of farm workers’ time through automation, and helping farmers access new markets which is estimated to deliver a $1.2 billion boost to the premium agricultural exports by 2030.

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