Drone delivery in Australia: quantifying the potential benefits

Wing has built a small, lightweight aircraft and navigation system that can deliver small packages — including food, medicine, and household items — directly to homes in minutes.

In a project for Wing, AlphaBeta was asked to quantify the potential benefits of using small drones in a delivery context for businesses, consumers and society in the ACT and Queensland.

The types of benefits quantified included:

  • reduction of delivery costs in the order of 80-90% relative to current ground-based methods (saving money for consumers and businesses);
  • allowing merchants to reach four times as many consumers by bringing more households in to range (and similarly, allowing households to receive deliveries from four times as many merchants);
  • improving convenience with delivery times that are 60-70% faster than current methods; and
  • replacing ground vehicle journeys, which can reduce congestion, improve road safety and lower emissions.
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