Economic impact evaluation: Buy from the Bush

Buy from the Bush (BFTB) is a social media campaign that was created to connect metropolitan consumers with regional and remote businesses during Australia’s 2019 drought.

AlphaBeta studied 275 businesses that were featured on BFTB in its first three months, to analyse the campaign’s impact on business owners and their communities. We found that BFTB generated significant benefits during the study period, boosting regional and remote economies in five key ways:

  • Featured businesses experienced an average sales uplift of 300%, which generated a total of $5 million in additional revenue.
  • 21% of BFTB businesses hired new workers as a result of the campaign.
  • 38% of BFTB businesses began shipping interstate while 19% began exporting overseas.
  • 97% of BFTB business owners were women, of whom 45% invested in upskilling as a result of the campaign. Marketing and advertising, IT proficiency, and business and financial literacy were among the top skills acquired.
  • 90% of featured business owners said BFTB had improved their quality of life by boosting their self-esteem, connecting them with other entrepreneurs, and enabling them to give back to their local communities.

The study was commissioned by Facebook Inc and Buy from the Bush. The report may be accessed via the link below.

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