Google in Russia: Advancing the country’s digital prize and creating economic benefits for businesses, consumers, and society

Digital technologies have a growing role to play in spurring future productivity in Russia. While the Russian government places an increasing focus on digital transformation in all segments of the economy and society, private-sector interventions are also crucial for this to happen.

Google, in particular, has been making significant contributions on this area in Russia. Its products, ranging from its ubiquitous search engine, Google Search, to its popular YouTube platform and BusinessClass program are estimated to create total economic benefits of RUB1.02 trillion (USD13.7 billion) for Russian businesses and RUB1.2 trillion (USD16.6 billion) for Russian consumers in 2021.

AlphaBeta’s latest report (in collaboration with Google) aims to shed some light on these benefits, and illustrate the contributions of Google’s programs and initiatives in accelerating the country’s digital transformation journey.

Links to access the report:

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