Growing the Pie: Impact of delivery apps on Australia's restaurant market

Delivery apps have become increasingly popular in Australia, growing sixfold since 2016 to account for $2.6 billion in restaurant revenue in 2019.

Our latest report for Uber Australia analyses the impact of App Delivery on the restaurant market, using real, anonymised spending data on more than 17 million restaurant and delivery transactions. Analysis was completed in February 2020 based on data for the 2019 calendar year.

The report finds:

  • App Delivery has grown approximately 86% a year in the past 3 years, to account for 5.6% of restaurant trade (excluding fees).
  • Around $7 in $10 of all App Delivery spending is incremental – that is, money that would not otherwise have been spent in a restaurant.
  • The average delivery app user spends 41% more directly in restaurants than other customers.
  • The success of App Delivery has helped total restaurant spending grow strongly at 4.5% a year, compared to just 3.0% for grocery spending.
  • Three quarters of people who discover a restaurant through a delivery app and like the food are likely to visit the restaurant in future.
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