Harnessing the Potential of Big Data in Post-Pandemic Southeast Asia

Digital technologies are transforming the global economy. In Southeast Asia, the size of the internet economy for the first time crossed the USD100 billion mark in 2019.  By 2025, the value of Southeast Asia’s internet economy could triple to USD300 billion. The broader impact on the rest of the economy could, however, be far larger than this. It is estimated that Southeast Asia’s digital economy  has the potential to increase annual regional gross domestic product by USD1 trillion through to 2025 as compared to 2015.  Governments are actively trying to drive this digital transformation, foster the growth of their digital economy, and leverage a range of technologies to improve public service delivery. Big data and other technologies that build on it such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a transformative role in the public sector. This policy brief and a forthcoming report show that in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent recovery, big data can generate unique insights and help public institutions stay on top of the wide range of challenges they are facing.

Click here for the Policy Brief and click on the button below for the full report.

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