Methodology Note: New Nature Economy Report on the Future of Nature and Business

The global pandemic has caused unprecedented job losses and continued economic uncertainty. As governments and businesses look to stimulate growth, a new study by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with AlphaBeta found a nature-first approach can do both.

Nature-positive solutions can create 395 million jobs by 2030 and over US$10 trillion in business opportunity, according to the Future of Nature and Business Report. ‘Nature-positive’ means business activity that adds value to the natural world, instead of taking it away or leaving it unchanged.  The report identifies three socioeconomic areas primed to incorporate nature-positive solutions and blueprints for doing so through 15 key interventions/transitions: (1) Food, land and ocean use; (2) Infrastructure and the built environment; and (3) Energy and extractives. These blueprints can help countriesget people back to work, create jobs that are more resilient to change and boost the economy.

The report can be accessed here. The full press release can be accessed here.

The methodological note to support the Future of Nature and Business report has been prepared by AlphaBeta and can be accessed below

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