Sustainable Packaging: Tackling Plastic Waste in Asia

Sustainable packaging is becoming a critical concern in Asia given the growing consumer demand and adverse consequences of packaging waste. For instance, currently, over 50 percent of plastic leakage waste occurs in Asia (namely China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam), driven by the rising urbanisation as well as inadequate collection and disposal facilities. Furthermore, these waste management issues have led to adverse spillover effects on the economy, environment, and health of the citizens. While individual companies, governments, and NGOs are already actively pursuing their own initiatives, more can be done with greater strategic partnerships and robust fact bases.


AlphaBeta has been working with FIA, an industry body representing leading food and beverage companies (such as Unilever, Danone, and Nestle) in Asia, to prioritise sustainable packaging. As the scale of packaging waste is large, ranging from glass to cardboard, and based on its expertise, FIA has first focussed its resources on tackling plastic waste in 4 countries (Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam). After conducting extensive research, stakeholder interviews, and online surveys, FIA has consolidated a robust fact base and hopes to play a practical, collaborative, and value-adding role in promoting sustainable packaging in the region.


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