The Role of Satellite Communications in Disaster Management Whitepaper

The rapid rise of natural disasters places immense pressure on communications systems to remain operational during inevitably challenging situations. Satellite services and next-generation satellite-enabled connectivity could help address the limitations faced by our present terrestrial telecommunication network, and help save millions of lives.

This pioneering whitepaper by Access Partnership’s Fair Tech Institute provides key insights on the potential for satellite communications to play a pivotal role in mitigating the impact of climate change while reducing costs. It forecasts the economic and human cost that we currently faces, and provides clear strategies to allow stakeholders to mitigate this disaster. Harnessing unique datasets, it also spotlights how impact is expected to be concentrated within low- and middle-income countries whose adaptation capacity remains weak. Finally, it provides a roadmap for governments to leverage satellite services and satellite-enabled connectivity to upgrade their terrestrial telecommunication networks and contend with this issue.

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