The value of Google Cloud to Australia

Digital technologies have become crucial to how Australians conduct their daily lives and work. Through online tools such as Google’s search engine, advertising platforms and digital maps, a fast-growing majority of Australian businesses and consumers are interacting with each other and generating significant value for the nation. A recent study finds that annual economic value presented by Google’s applications and platforms are worth AUD39 billion for Australian businesses, and AUD14 billion for Australian consumers.

In addition to these established technologies, cloud technologies, in recent years, have emerged as a key driver to accelerate digital transformation in Australia. Furthermore, this momentum is expected to continue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through fostering the efficient delivery of IT resources over the Internet, cloud technologies allow individuals and entities to access technology services typically requiring high storage and processing needs such as enhanced computing power, data storage and management tools on an as-needed basis, and at significantly lower costs. In addition, cloud technologies can boost productivity by providing tailored productivity tools, boost revenues through cloud-based business models as well as facilitate the adoption of other advanced technologies such as machine learning.

This report finds that Google Cloud supports a total of AUD3.2 billion in annual economic benefits to Australian businesses and consumers. Businesses across various sectors and enterprise sizes experience AUD686 million worth of annual economic benefits from the use of Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). By developing additional cloud technology services based on Google Cloud and complementary services, Google Cloud Partners in Australia earn an estimated total of AUD698 million in revenue annually. Furthermore, through a range of applications that help people work seamlessly across different files, Google Workspace tools like Google Drive bring about a total estimated annual consumer surplus of AUD1.8 billion to Australian consumers. Google Cloud also supports over 1,500 jobs in the country, and broader intangible benefits to the society, particularly in the public and education sectors.

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