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28 July 2021

The value of Google Cloud to Australia

AlphaBeta's new study finds that Google Cloud supports a total of AUD3.2 billion in annual economic benefits to Australian businesses and consumers.


16 July 2021

FIA and AlphaBeta webinar on “The Future of Proteins in Asia”

Food Industry Asia (FIA) and AlphaBeta hosted a webinar to launch "The Future of Proteins in Asia" report, joined by panelists from Cargill, Royal DSM, and Fonterra.


16 July 2021

The Future of Proteins in Asia

AlphaBeta's Future of Proteins in Asia report developed with Food Industry Asia (FIA) covers key trends influencing protein demand over the next decade.


01 July 2021

Economic impact report: デジタル トランスフォーメーションの経済効果と Google の取り組み

AlphaBeta は、日本がテクノロジーを最大限に活用することで生まれる経済価値の規模を測り、この機会を捉えるために必要な施策を提案するレポートを本日公開しました。


07 April 2021

Unlocking New Zealand’s digital potential and Google’s contribution

Our new report with Google finds that digital technologies could create an annual economic value of NZ$46.6 billion by 2030.


19 March 2021

Digital skills for the future webinar: Discussing the economic value of digital skills in Indonesia

Genevieve Lim presented key findings from AlphaBeta's work with Google on the Rp 4,434-trillion economic opportunity of digital skills for Indonesia by 2030.


18 March 2021

Skills for the future in Indonesia in 2030

Our new report with Google finds that digital skills can deliver an economic prize worth Rp 4,434 trillion (US$303.4 billion) to Indonesia by 2030.


01 March 2021

The Forest First Approach

AlphaBeta supported the Wildlife Conservation Society in the development of a new forest risk-based approach to tackle tropical deforestation.


15 January 2021

Google Economic Impact Australia 2020

New study finds that the annual economic value from Google’s apps and platforms are worth AU$53 billion.

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