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07 April 2021

Unlocking New Zealand’s digital potential and Google’s contribution

Our new report with Google finds that digital technologies could create an annual economic value of NZ$46.6 billion by 2030.


23 March 2021

Harnessing the Potential of Big Data in Post-Pandemic Southeast Asia

AlphaBeta supported the ADB to understand how big data can be utilised in Southeast Asia to boost public service delivery and expedite the COVID-19 recovery.


19 March 2021

Digital skills for the future webinar: Discussing the economic value of digital skills in Indonesia

Genevieve Lim presented key findings from AlphaBeta's work with Google on the Rp 4,434-trillion economic opportunity of digital skills for Indonesia by 2030.


18 March 2021

Skills for the future in Indonesia in 2030

Our new report with Google finds that digital skills can deliver an economic prize worth Rp 4,434 trillion (US$303.4 billion) to Indonesia by 2030.


04 March 2021

Times Techies Webinar: Discussing the future of tech skills in India

Dr. Fraser Thompson recently discussed the top 5 in-demand tech skills in India by 2025 with the Times of India.


02 March 2021

Google CEO discusses inclusive digital growth with Kenya’s President

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently discussed the opportunity for inclusive digital growth with H.E President Kenyatta of Kenya.


02 March 2021

Unlocking APAC’s digital potential: Changing skill needs and policy approaches

Access to technical skills training will be critical to unlocking APAC's digital potential, as outlined in our new report with Amazon Web Services (AWS).


18 February 2021

Australia’s need for 6.5m digital workers in the next four years

In an interview with AFR, Dr. Fraser Thompson discusses Australia's need for an additional 6.5m digital workers in the next four years.


15 January 2021

Google Economic Impact Australia 2020

New study finds that the annual economic value from Google’s apps and platforms are worth AU$53 billion.

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