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11 December 2018

Global Gateway for NSW: The economic impact of a container terminal at the Port of Newcastle

Australia has five major container ports, with one in each mainland state. New South Wales is served predominantly by Port Botany. But the state is growing and will need more infrastructure to handle greater volumes of freight in the coming years.


05 June 2018

Prevention is the Best Medicine: Rethinking Healthcare in Asia

Healthcare costs in Asia are rising at an unprecedented pace. This is a challenge. Even unlocking all the available efficiency gains in healthcare treatment may not be sufficient for limited resources to meet the demands of an ageing population, with greater expectations on healthcare quality and a rise in non-communicable diseases.


05 June 2018

Feeding Urban Asia: New Approaches for Providing Safe, Nutritious and Affordable Food

Asia’s urban population boom is placing immense pressure on the food system. 555 million people are expected to move to cities in Asia by 2030. Providing them with safe, nutritious, and affordable food will become an increasing challenge, not only because of the sheer scale of demand but also because arable land is becoming scarce.


04 June 2018

The Final Straw – Tackling Plastic Straw Consumption in Singapore

Plastic waste is non-biodegradable. It takes up space in landfills that we don’t have. The UN describes the level of plastic waste in our oceans a “planetary crisis”. And the truth is, our habits are not helping. In fact, we ‘suck’. Plastic drinking straws are one such menace that we can and should be tackling head-on. Every straw used counts.


16 April 2018

Connecting Australia: The Impact of the nbn on Australian Lives and the Economy – Summary of methodology

The purpose of the study is to understand how the nbn has performed in achieving its original policy intention to improve the lives of Australians, reduce the digital divide, and…


06 October 2017

The Screen Evolution

The rapid evolution of OTT services and the VOD industry has begun to catch the eye of regulators across Asia, a few of whom are advocating for greater legal control over OTT services. Some have proposed light-touch regulations or guidelines that take into account the unique characteristics of these services within the larger context of the internet. ...


28 September 2017

The Economic Impact of Geospatial Services: How Consumers, Businesses & Society Benefit from Location-based Information

Despite the growing use of geospatial technology around the globe, its true economic value remains hidden, as traditional measuring concepts have failed to keep up with the rapid evolution of…


05 July 2017

Rethinking ASEAN: New research by AlphaBeta and Nielsen on major consumer hotspots in ASEAN

Prepared by Nielson & AlphaBeta.... While ASEAN has been enjoying economic recognition in recent years, many businesses approach the region as a single entity and surprisingly, little is known about the many cities and regions that make up the archipelago....


30 May 2017

Memikirkan Kembali Mobilitas Perkotaan Di Indonesia: Peran Iayanan mobilitas bersama

Urbanisasi semakin pesat terjadi di Indonesia, dengan lebih dari 30 juta orang yang diperkirakan akan bergerak menuju kota-kota besar pada tahun 2030....

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