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06 July 2022

Sustainability Conversations: Why we should price environmental externalities

Shivin Kohli explores the importance of externality pricing models and their relevance to the nature-positive economy.


04 July 2022

Facilitating conversations on plastic waste issues in the region – UN Ocean Conference 2022

Cheng Wei Swee presents findings from the Perceptions on Plastic Waste 2.0 report at the UN Ocean Conference 2022.


29 November 2021

Promoting Thailand’s digital transformation and competitiveness

AlphaBeta’s latest report (commissioned by Google) examines the economic significance of digital technologies in Thailand, especially in non-technology sectors.


26 November 2021

YouTube in Russia

AlphaBeta’s latest report (in collaboration with Google) examines how YouTube drives Russia's creative economy by providing benefits to both individuals and content creators.


26 November 2021

Google in Russia

Digital technologies have a growing role to play in spurring future productivity in Russia. AlphaBeta’s latest report aims to shed some light on the impact of digital technologies, and illustrate Google’s contributions in accelerating the country’s digital transformation journey.


26 November 2021

Strengthening Singapore’s growth in the post-pandemic future

AlphaBeta’s latest report (commissioned by Google) examines the economic significance of digital technologies in Singapore, especially in non-technology sectors.


16 November 2021

Local sellers, Global consumers: Capturing Thailand’s e-commerce export opportunity

AlphaBeta's new study found that e-commerce sellers in Thailand could earn an estimated THB485.8 billion by 2026 by adopting e-commerce for exports.


12 November 2021

Transforming Hong Kong into a smart city

AlphaBeta's study finds that digital technologies could create an annual economic value of HKD387 billion, and workers with digital skills can contribute up to a fifth of Hong Kong’s GDP in 2030.


29 October 2021

Unlocking Pakistan’s PKR9.7-trillion digital potential by 2030

AlphaBeta's study with Google finds that digital technologies in Pakistan are expected to create PKR9.7 trillion in economic value by 2030.

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