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11 May 2021

AlphaBeta presents on green recovery at the “Global Academy on the Green Economy”

Ms Genevieve Lim was invited to present AlphaBeta’s work with the Asian Development Bank on the post-COVID green recovery at the "Global Academy on the Green Economy", on May 11, 2021.


23 March 2021

Implementing a Green Recovery in Southeast Asia

AlphaBeta supported the ADB to understand how Southeast Asia can focus on green growth to successfully and sustainably recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.


20 July 2020

New Nature Economy Report II: The Future of Nature and Business

Nature-positive solutions can create over US$10 trillion in annual business opportunity and 395 million jobs by 2030, according to the Future of Nature and Business report.


15 July 2020

Methodology Note: New Nature Economy Report on the Future of Nature and Business

AlphaBeta releases a methodology paper to support the World Economic Forum's Future of Nature and Business report.


01 July 2020

Valuing and unlocking the SDG prize for businesses

AlphaBeta had the honour of supporting the Business & Sustainable Development Commission, a group of world-leading CEOs, in answering this question. In this new video, we summarise our findings and approach.


27 September 2019

Pathways to a low carbon future: Decoupling economic growth from carbon emissions

Many countries are committed to reducing carbon emissions, and there are ongoing efforts to rank emissions contributions. However, comparing carbon emissions on an absolute basis across countries is challenging due to differences in population size, economic structure and embedded emissions on top of measurement issues. This discussion paper discusses potential challenges and insights arising from a comparison of emissions across countries.


05 December 2018

The Great Energy Transition: Challenges and opportunities for transformation

As part of the Ecosperity Conversations series, Temasek organised a session on the future energy value chain. Change is the only constant in the energy landscape, and a range of challenges like climate change and energy security is driving policy and business innovation to enable the energy transition. This report by AlphaBeta summarises the key conversations from this session and complements these with additional insights on implications for Singapore.


20 January 2017

Valuing the SDG Prize

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) could lead to greater, more widely shared prosperity for all by 2030. But what would convince companies around the world to join the challenge and become more sustainable?...

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