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19 August 2020

Australia’s Deep Tech Opportunity

Deep tech can help address the world's biggest challenges and strengthen our economy. But Australia is at risk of falling behind.


11 June 2020

Economic impact evaluation: Buy from the Bush

Our latest study quantifies the impact of the 'Buy from the Bush' social media campaign on drought-stricken regional economies.


20 February 2020

Improving business innovation in Australia: How can innovation drive performance?

Policymakers have for years worked to improve innovation by focusing on private sector R&D. But R&D is only half the story.


21 October 2019

Drone delivery in Australia: quantifying the potential benefits

In a project for Wing, AlphaBeta was asked to quantify the potential benefits of using small drones in a delivery context for businesses, consumers and society in the ACT and Queensland.


28 August 2019

Preparing for AI: The implications of artificial intelligence for jobs and skills in Asian economies

Artificial intelligence (AI) could have far-reaching effects on economies and societies in Asia. However, little is still known about the impact of AI on the future of work in the region. To understand the policies and programs that could be developed to maximize the benefits of AI while mitigating its potential risks, AlphaBeta worked with Microsoft to analyze the existing evidence base across 11 countries in Asia.


18 September 2018

Digital Innovation: Australia’s $315bn Opportunity

Digital innovation can deliver $315 billion in gross economic value to Australia over the next decade, but there is a risk Australia will not fully realise this opportunity. New analysis, commissioned by CSIRO's Data61, shows that aside from some pockets of success, Australia has failed to capture as much economic value from digital innovation as its peers.


27 June 2018

Digital Innovation in PFM : Opportunities and implications for low-income countries

Low-income countries often face substantial challenges when managing their public finances. Widespread corruption, tax evasion, and poor institutional accountability make it difficult for governments to increase their revenue and provide targeted services to citizens.


06 October 2017

The Screen Evolution

The rapid evolution of OTT services and the VOD industry has begun to catch the eye of regulators across Asia, a few of whom are advocating for greater legal control over OTT services. Some have proposed light-touch regulations or guidelines that take into account the unique characteristics of these services within the larger context of the internet. ...


22 August 2017

Android Impact: How the Android Ecosystem Supports Economic Impact in South Korea

Smart devices have changed the way millions of South Korean users interact, do business, and stay connected to the world. More than S$111 billion (₩126 trillion), equivalent to over 27% of global smartphone sales, were made by South Korean Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in 2015. ...

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