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28 October 2020

Capturing the prize: The A$200 billion opportunity in 2030 for the Australian food and agribusiness sector

A new report by Food Industry Innovative Australia Limited (FIAL) and AlphaBeta identifies a A$200 billion opportunity in 2030 for the Australian food and agribusiness sector.


20 July 2020

New Nature Economy Report II: The Future of Nature and Business

Nature-positive solutions can create over US$10 trillion in annual business opportunity and 395 million jobs by 2030, according to the Future of Nature and Business report.


15 July 2020

Methodology Note: New Nature Economy Report on the Future of Nature and Business

AlphaBeta releases a methodology paper to support the World Economic Forum's Future of Nature and Business report.


01 July 2020

Valuing and unlocking the SDG prize for businesses

AlphaBeta had the honour of supporting the Business & Sustainable Development Commission, a group of world-leading CEOs, in answering this question. In this new video, we summarise our findings and approach.


17 February 2020

What does Singapore’s ’30 by 30′ food security goal mean for businesses?

What does Singapore's '30 by 30' food security goal mean for businesses? This report details the strategies in place to realise this goal and the associated business opportunities.


05 December 2019

Stewarding Our Global Commons: An Urgent Call for Action

Stewarding our global commons is crucial to a successful business future. We are running out of time to reverse the degradation of our planetary life-support systems, and businesses need to act now. Find out how in our report with the Stewardship Asia Centre.


01 November 2019

Capturing the ASEAN agricultural opportunity for Northern Australia

AlphaBeta is proud to have supported the Australian Chamber of Commerce in ASEAN (AustCham ASEAN) in identifying the best bets in agri-food product exports for Northern Australian producers to ASEAN nations.


12 June 2019

Highlighting the need for urgent action on deforestation

AlphaBeta partnered with IDH - The Sustainable Trade Initiative to highlight that Europe is behind on commitments to ensure 100 percent sustainable sourcing of key tropical commodities by 2020.


12 June 2019

“Commodity-First”: A production centred approach to mobilising private sector to curb deforestation

AlphaBeta supports the Tropical Forest Alliance on the development of a “commodity-first” approach to identifying commodity-driven deforestation hotspots to increase private sector engagement.

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