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16 November 2020

Skills for the future: Capturing a Rp 4,434 trillion opportunity for Indonesia in 2030 (insights from forthcoming research)

AlphaBeta is currently conducting research to examine the value of digital skills for Indonesia’s economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic and to identify ways in which government, the private sector, and civil society can come together to capture this opportunity.


22 June 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on Jobs in Asia: 5 Things You Need to Know

The intensifying economic effects of COVID-19 are proving far worse than previous crises. Here's 5 things to know about the pandemic's impact on Asian jobs.


11 June 2020

Economic impact evaluation: Buy from the Bush

Our latest study quantifies the impact of the 'Buy from the Bush' social media campaign on drought-stricken regional economies.


19 November 2019

Australia’s AI Roadmap: Solving problems, growing the economy and improving our quality of life

AlphaBeta is proud to have contributed to the Australian Government's AI roadmap, which identifies opportunities for Australia to capture the benefits of artificial intelligence over the next 10 years.


28 August 2019

Preparing for AI: The implications of artificial intelligence for jobs and skills in Asian economies

Artificial intelligence (AI) could have far-reaching effects on economies and societies in Asia. However, little is still known about the impact of AI on the future of work in the region. To understand the policies and programs that could be developed to maximize the benefits of AI while mitigating its potential risks, AlphaBeta worked with Microsoft to analyze the existing evidence base across 11 countries in Asia.


05 August 2019

Capturing Indonesia’s automation potential

Automation is transforming the Indonesian economy, driving strong GDP growth and lifting workers' incomes. But there is more to be gained: with appropriate policies, Indonesia could realise a further A$500 billion by 2030.


02 April 2019

Hidden Links, New Opportunities: How big data can improve NZ’s 1.2M job matches each year

Every year, there are 1.2 million job matches between employers and job seekers in New Zealand. A new job clustering framework could improve these matches, reducing costs for employers and broadening the career horizons of workers across the country.


29 March 2019

Flexibility and Fairness: What matters to workers in the new economy

Growing numbers of parents, students and over-60s in the workforce are driving more demand for flexible work, but most are currently forced into choosing between flexibility and stability.


22 January 2019

Future Skills: The rise of machines will drive a need for more lifelong learning

By 2040, the average Australian will spend an extra three hours a week learning, to keep up with the highly dynamic workplaces of the automation age.

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