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03 June 2022

Sustainability Conversations: Top 5 takeaways from Davos 2022

We synthesised the top 5 insights for sustainable development from Davos 2022, the latest World Economic Forum annual meeting.


13 May 2022

Harnessing the Potential of Big Data in Post-Pandemic Southeast Asia

AlphaBeta supported the ADB to understand how big data can be utilised in Southeast Asia to boost public service delivery and expedite the COVID-19 recovery.


26 April 2022

AWS and AlphaBeta launch Green Data Centres report

Dr. Fraser Thompson presents findings from the Green Data Centres report for Singapore in a webinar with SGTech on Apr 26.


26 April 2022

Green data centres: Singapore’s sustainable data centre opportunity

This report, prepared for AWS, provides a fact-base analysis on the economic and environmental contributions of Singapore's data centres.


22 March 2022

Building Skills for the Changing Workforce in Asia Pacific and Japan

AWS and AlphaBeta understand the state and importance of digital skills training to meet future needs in 7 countries across Asia Pacific and Japan.


14 March 2022

The Role of Satellite Communications in Disaster Management

A pioneering whitepaper by the Fair Tech Institute outlines the role of satellite comms in saving lives in the fight against climate change.


08 March 2022

The Digital Economy in a Post-COVID-19 World

Cheng Wei Swee and Megan Lim provide four key insights for businesses to navigate digital transformation.


22 November 2021

Building Skills for the Changing Workforce: AWS Global Digital Skills Study

AlphaBeta, commissioned by AWS, conducted an in-depth study on the state of digital skills training in 12 countries globally to examine its importance in improving business outcomes and career opportunities for individuals.


16 November 2021

Local sellers, Global consumers: Capturing Thailand’s e-commerce export opportunity

AlphaBeta's new study found that e-commerce sellers in Thailand could earn an estimated THB485.8 billion by 2026 by adopting e-commerce for exports.

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