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25 September 2020

Australia’s digital resilience

Australian businesses accelerated 10 years of technology adoption during the COVID-19 crisis, strengthening their operations and enabling 3.2 million workers to continue in their jobs.


24 September 2020

Economic Impact Analysis: nbn network investment plan

nbn's $4.5 billion network investment plan is a high-impact and timely stimulus measure that will create 25,000 Australian jobs in the next two years.


04 September 2020

Australian Media Landscape Trends

The Australian media landscape has fundamentally changed in the past two decades, as technology has enabled new channels of communication between businesses and consumers.


01 September 2020

Connecting Australia: Future of farming

Internet-enabled technologies could boost Australian agricultural output by 20%, adding $15.6 billion the farming, forestry and fishery sectors' gross value of production each year.


19 August 2020

Australia’s Deep Tech Opportunity

Deep tech can help address the world's biggest challenges and strengthen our economy. But Australia is at risk of falling behind.


11 June 2020

Economic impact evaluation: Buy from the Bush

Our latest study quantifies the impact of the 'Buy from the Bush' social media campaign on drought-stricken regional economies.


28 February 2020

Growing the Pie: Impact of delivery apps on Australia’s restaurant market

App delivery now accounts for $2.6 billion in Australian restaurant revenue, of which 70% is incremental.


20 February 2020

Improving business innovation in Australia: How can innovation drive performance?

Policymakers have for years worked to improve innovation by focusing on private sector R&D. But R&D is only half the story.


19 November 2019

Australia’s AI Roadmap: Solving problems, growing the economy and improving our quality of life

AlphaBeta is proud to have contributed to the Australian Government's AI roadmap, which identifies opportunities for Australia to capture the benefits of artificial intelligence over the next 10 years.

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