Amit Singh


    Amit Singh
    (Senior Advisor)


    Amit Singh is AlphaBeta’s Senior Advisor, based in Melbourne. Amit was most recently head of global policy at Uber, responsible for economic policy, future of work and digital marketplaces. He previously served as senior economic adviser to two Prime Ministers of Australia and as a deputy chief of staff to the Leader of the Opposition. Earlier in his career, he worked as a capital markets lawyer and a corporate M&A adviser, as well as co-founder of a consumer startup. He is a director of the Chifley Research Centre. He has delivered papers and presentations on technology and the new economy at leading think tanks and conferences around the world such as the OECD, Concordia, Bruegel, Canada2020 and the New Democrats Coalition, and guest lectured on trust in institutions at Oxford. He has also been a strategic adviser to early-stage startups in the US.

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