Graduate profile: Gawesha

    Gawesha Weeratunga

    Joined AlphaBeta in 2018
    BA (Politics & International Relations)

    At AlphaBeta, I get to work with a first-class group of problem solvers who support me to continuously improve. Our teams work on high impact problems that are important, and at the same time genuinely interesting.

    I love telling people what I do for work. Sometimes I describe it as being a doctor for business and government: diagnosing problems, offering a prognosis, and recommending the right prescription!

    I’ve been at AlphaBeta for nearly two years; in that time, I’ve worked on projects that have looked at how we can help young people enter full-time employment faster, how many indigenous businesses there are in Australia, and how Australia can develop a comparative advantage in medicine. I’ve enjoyed the variety and challenge that every project brings.

    AlphaBeta is a great place to learn new skills. I’ve been taught how to code in Python, which has saved me countless hours of manual labour! And once I felt comfortable with coding, I was supported and encouraged to learn more. It’s a great place for inquisitive people who are always asking questions.

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