Graduate profile: Sophia

    Sophia Zhu

    Joined AlphaBeta in 2017
    BCom(Hons) (Economics)

    I chose AlphaBeta for its unique combination of strategy, economics and data analytics work, and the types of projects I would work on. Most of the projects at AlphaBeta seemed to tackle challenging questions that helped not just the client, but society more broadly.

    The work and culture at AlphaBeta have really exceeded my expectations — I’ve enjoyed working here because of the industries we cover, the questions we answer, and the people I work with.

    The problems we work on can be challenging at times, but that makes finding the answers all the more rewarding! There are many great things about AlphaBeta’s culture, but the most important one to me is the people. We get to work with incredible people and develop great relationships, from the strong camaraderie with peers to the one-on-one mentorship provided by senior leaders.

    I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects since I’ve been here, with an equal mix of public and private sector work. Particularly interesting examples include: developing a pricing strategy for an innovative business that matched disability support workers to NDIS participants; assessing the size of the ‘green’ economy of Sydney; and looking at how to help young Australians transition from education to work faster.

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