We work with the public sector, corporations, NGOs, not-for-profits and investors to identify opportunities and develop strategies to grow, improve service delivery, support economic prosperity and generate tangible impact.

We specialise in deep, insightful analysis that helps clients understand the forces shaping their industries, looking not only at immediate effects of change but also the “second bounce of the ball” so our clients have the knowledge they need to craft future-proof policies and strategies, and better engage with regulators, stakeholders and the public.

We do so by applying an economics lens to everything we do; building economic models where none exist, but should; and analyzing our unique suite of economic, employment, housing, satellite and transport data in new and innovative ways

Cities & consumer demand

Our expertise helps governments, corporations and investors respond to the challenge of urbanisation and shifting consumer trends.

Technology & innovation

We help public and private sector clients understand how technology can improve services and operations

Economic growth & development

We help governments and corporations adapt to the major economic forces driving our increasingly complex, globalised and fast-changing world.

Skills & jobs

Our expertise helps governments and corporations understand workforce trends, address income inequality and support job creation.

Social services

We help organisations better understand social needs and formulate strategies to meet them.


Our expertise helps corporations, investors, governments and NGOs identify risks from climate change and opportunities to manage these.

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