AlphaBeta is a strategic economics consultancy that works with governments, businesses, investors, and other institutions to tackle the largest societal challenges we face.  We believe that rigorous economics combined with strong strategic advice can help provide new, innovative, and practical solutions to addressing issues ranging from automation of jobs, biodiversity loss to poverty alleviation.  In short, at AlphaBeta, we strive to create economic models that will underpin a world that should exist but doesn’t today.  Our headquarters is in Singapore, but our work is global.

Our thematic focus areas

We specialise in deep, insightful analysis across three key thematic areas.

Economic Growth and Development

Economic growth and development

We help governments and corporations adapt to the major economic forces driving our increasingly complex, globalised, and fast-changing world.

Technology and the future of work

Technology and the future of work

We help governments, foundations, institutions, and companies understand the impact of emerging technologies on economies, jobs, and societies.



We help corporations, investors, governments, and NGOs identify risks from environmental sustainability issues and capture emerging opportunities.

Our capabilities

We have deep expertise in a number of functional areas.

Economic impact analysis

We are experts in sizing the direct, indirect, and induced economic impact in areas ranging from digital innovations to sustainability (including the circular economy). We believe this is crucial for effective policymaking as what we don’t measure, we typically don’t value.

Economic megatrends and scenario modelling

We help our clients understand the economic forces shaping their markets, looking at both the immediate effects of change and the “second bounce of the ball”. We’ve developed unique IP across many areas, including smart cities, consumer demand, biodiversity, and digital trade.

Policy advisory

We support governments develop effective policies to solve their most pressing economic and social challenges, in close coordination with multilateral institutions, the private sector, and philanthropic organisations.

Market design and economic regulation

We work with governments and industry groups on how to rethink market design and regulation, particularly in areas of green growth such as plastics, renewable energy, and carbon markets.

Corporate advisory

Corporate advisory

We work with businesses, investors, and industry groups to identify investment opportunities related to major socioeconomic trends, and how to develop effective sector development approaches.

Geospatial and big data analytics

We use geospatial and big data analytics to develop unique insights into issues, whether it is scrapping of online job boards to better understand emerging skill needs or using geospatial technologies to understand traffic flows across cities in Indonesia.

Multi stakeholder management

Multi-stakeholder management

We regularly facilitate meaningful dialogue between governments, academia, private sector, civil society, and philanthropies, bringing together a range of diverse perspectives to form coherent strategies.

Our focus sectors

We work with clients across a number of key sectors to identify opportunities and develop strategies to grow, improve service delivery, support economic prosperity, and generate tangible impact.

Public sector

Public sector

We work with governments on some of their most sensitive and pressing topics, from fiscal management and green growth approaches through to post-COVID economic recovery strategies and promoting deeper regional integration.

Non-profit organisations

We support a range of non-profit organisations, including international financial institutions, multilateral development agencies, and philanthropic organisations to develop effective strategies to promote equitable and sustainable socio-economic development.

Technology media telecommunications

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

We work with a range of the world’s leading technology companies in supporting their regulatory engagement. We are not a lobbyist however, and only work on topics which we believe are of real societal benefit.

Consumer & Industrial Products

We support companies on market entry strategies based on our deep understanding of economic trends, particularly in Southeast Asia. We also work with companies on their sustainability strategies, including plastic waste and sustainable procurement.

Infrastructure and real estate

We work with developers and investors to understand infrastructure and real estate opportunities related to smart and sustainable urbanisation, and to understand the economic impact of different development approaches.

Financial services

Financial services

We work with the financial industry on how to enhance societal impact, including promoting digital financial inclusion and incorporating sustainability risks and opportunities in their decision-making.

Natural resources

Natural resources

We work with the agriculture and mining sectors to support their transition to sustainable development and to enhance the societal development impact of their operations.

We work with the public sector, corporations, NGOs, not-for-profits and investors to identify opportunities and develop strategies to grow, improve service delivery, support economic prosperity and generate tangible impact.

We specialise in deep, insightful analysis that helps clients understand the forces shaping their industries, looking not only at immediate effects of change but also the “second bounce of the ball” so our clients have the knowledge they need to craft future-proof policies and strategies, and better engage with regulators, stakeholders and the public.

We do so by applying an economics lens to everything we do; building economic models where none exist, but should; and analyzing our unique suite of economic, employment, housing, satellite and transport data in new and innovative ways

Cities & consumer demand

Our expertise helps governments, corporations and investors respond to the challenge of urbanisation and shifting consumer trends.

Technology & innovation

We help public and private sector clients understand how technology can improve services and operations

Economic growth & development

We help governments and corporations adapt to the major economic forces driving our increasingly complex, globalised and fast-changing world.

Skills & jobs

Our expertise helps governments and corporations understand workforce trends, address income inequality and support job creation.

Social services

We help organisations better understand social needs and formulate strategies to meet them.


Our expertise helps corporations, investors, governments and NGOs identify risks from climate change and opportunities to manage these.

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