About us

AlphaBeta was founded in 2015 by economists with considerable experience in both academia and private sector consulting. They saw a need for a new breed of consultants who could marry academic rigour with commercial relevance to help solve the world’s most pressing issues.

Those founding principles shape our values today. We are pragmatic and client-focused, aiming to build enduring relationships with our clients by only accepting work that we are best placed to conduct, and where there is scope for real impact. We bring the best expertise to bear on any given issue and deliver our recommendations in clear, plain English to help a CEO-level audience achieve results.

We are independent and ethical, committed to maintaining client confidentiality, and honest about what we know and what we don’t. We reject work that we think has questionable ethical implications.

And we’re a great place to work. We know that diverse perspectives lead to better business outcomes, and are committed to supporting flexible, sustainable work practices at all levels of the firm. We demand high standards, and have a strong focus on apprenticeship, mentoring and training. We want to be the best environment for exceptional people: a place where talented people learn, grow, and make a difference.

Our team

Fraser Thompson
Founder and Managing Director

Bing Xun Seng

Genevieve Lim
Engagement Manager

Ian Ong

Cheng Wei Swee

Megan Lim

Koh Wan Ling

Shivin Kohli

Jerene Goh

Nur Ridhuan

Jannis Hoh

Our advisors

Nicolo’ Andreula
(Digital economy)

Robert Campbell
(Infrastructure and urban development)

Dr. Ananto K. Seta
(Skills and Education Development)

Dr. David Skilling
(Economic development)

Helga Vanthournout

About us

We are strategy consultants with a knack for macroeconomic analysis. We understand the powerful economic forces that transform markets. We help clients adapt and prosper in today’s fast-changing world.

We solve the ‘top-of-mind’ issues

of our clients related to growth, profitability, sustainability and regulatory strategy. We help them create new jobs, develop sectors, combat climate change, and improve digital financial inclusion.

Our expertise

comprising growth strategy, public sector strategy, investment analysis and data analysis is frequently sought by public and private organisations around the globe.

Our clients

include the Australian and Singapore governments, multilateral institutions such as ASEAN, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, as well as leading companies including Google and Netflix. We work with the most senior corporate executives and public-sector figures across various industries and countries.

We work hard

to analyse the impact of big economic shifts on our clients’ organisation: the rapid growth of emerging markets, the rise of new technologies, commodity price swings, climate change, accelerating demographic patterns, new consumer habits and workplace trends.

Don’t expect lofty academic research! We take macroeconomic analysis from the 30,000-foot level and translate it into practical, actionable advice to create real value for our clients.

Pragmatic and client-focused

  • We are pragmatic in our approach to create measurable impact for our clients. Our recommendations are written in clear, plain English to help a CEO-level audience achieve results.
  • We bring the best expertise to bear on an issue, combining macroeconomics, econometrics, big data analysis, business analytics and strategic thinking.
  • We do not accept work where we do not believe there is scope for real impact or where we are not the best placed organisation to do it.
  • We do not want transactional interactions, but rather aim to build enduring relationships and advance the public policy agenda.

Independent and ethical

  • We always maintain an independent perspective. We admit when we don’t know something – no bluffing!
  • We are obsessive about maintaining client confidentiality.
  • We reject work we think has questionable ethical implications.

An environment for exceptional people

  • We demand high standards, led from the top.
  • We are non-hierarchical and inclusive, upholding the obligation to dissent.
  • We have a strong focus on apprenticeship, mentoring and training.
  • We want to be the best environment for talented people with a passion for shaping business and society to come and develop their skills.
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